The value of a SIM Membership is all about the network and meeting people that expand your perspective.


The Arizona Chapter membership is designed to attract senior Information Technology (IT) executives from as broad a spectrum of industries, academia, and consulting as possible.  We believe that members can achieve the greatest benefit from SIM membership if the programs and interaction are focused on diverse senior IT executives.

These guidelines are not intended to be rigid rules to be applied mechanically in all cases.  All membership applications will be reviewed and approved by the SIM Arizona Board of Directors to ensure that emphasis on senior IT executives is preserved.

Those qualifying for membership generally fall within one of these categories:

1. Corporate/Division Head of your company’s corporate or divisional IT organization. This is the “CIO Level”—title is not as important as is the leadership role. Typical roles include CIO, CTO, SVP, VP, Director of IT, etc.

2. IT Management Staff supporting Corporate/Division IT heads with key management roles. Generally speaking, these are the direct reports to the “CIO Level” executive. However, this may include leaders positioned lower than a direct report in the organizational structure. For example, in a very large enterprise a prospective member may not report to the CIO Level but they may hold a key management or leadership role in the enterprise.

3. Academic/Nonprofit: Full-time faculty member or full-time Academic IT Division Head/Management. Also qualifying for membership in this category are senior IT Practitioners (e.g. CIOs and IT Management Staff) at an academic institution or from a qualifying government entity (City, County, State) or nonprofit institution.

4. *Consultant: Leading individuals from consulting firms and service/vendor organizations that serve information managers and directly contribute to the IT profession.  Note – this category of membership is limited and may not be available at any given point in time.

5. *Non-IT Executive/Other Leader: Senior non-IT executives who play a key role in the use of information technology.

6. Retirees: Previous members in good standing or who fell into one of the previous categories in their active years.  

All membership categories include attendance at 10 dinner meetings per year, complimentary registration for several local IT conferences, and full access to the local SIM AZ website as well as  the SIM International website, which includes numerous best practices white papers, monthly newsletters and special interest committees and groups .

  • Annual Individual membership fee is $400.
  • Annual Individual Academic/Nonprofit membership fee (academicians and nonprofits only) is $320.
  • Annual Retiree membership fee is $240.

Corporate discounts are available for multiple memberships from the same company. Please contact Diane Smigel, Membership Chair, for more information.

Join SIM Arizona in two easy steps:

1. Apply for Membership or Renewal via the SIM International Website

2. Contact the SIM Arizona Membership Director, Diane Smigel, ( if you would like additional information.

View the Arizona Chapter's Brochure here.

*Please note that SIM adheres to a strict policy against any marketing or commercial activities and that membership from this category is restricted in terms of total admissions for membership. Membership from the Consultant and Non-IT Executive/ Other Leader category is restricted to no more than 15% of our total